Nancy and Ge Ge have been known each other for 10 years. They formed a business relationship and opened Zig Zag Massage and Nail shop on 19th Nov 2008.To avoid those busy areas, these two sisters decided to set up this cozy shop in wu dao ying hutong, Beijing, China.

Nancy was brought up in hutong (small alley ways) and she misses the hutong life after she moved to another area and lives with her family. Every time she went to hutong, she could not help recalling her beautiful childhood hutong memories. This hutong has got over 100 years history, and it is the most beautiful, complete hutong around this area. Surrounded by all the traditional, cultural sightseeing, this place is spoiled and worth a look. “I want to make everyone feels like home at our cozy shop” says Nancy.

Ge Ge who has been living overseas for a long time always wanted have a cozy massage and nail shop in China. After experienced the western massage, nail, spa etc, she even sure her decision. Foreigners love massage and nails care, yet the environment; the service are very different from China. “I want to bring this career to a higher level, I want our customers enjoy and relax at this nice place!" says Ge Ge.





Recommend Staff 推荐员工

He Dan, 29 year old girl who has 5 years experience, She is good at Artistic crave and polish, Acrylic Nails and Gel nail. She is very creative, she can design your nail’s style, color by looking at your appearance, the way you dress, your personality etc. She is a very well knowledge girl, she like learning different things, very thoughtful, she always contacts customers and reminds them to use the products they bought from the shop. “Busy people, just take a break, come sooth your soul and revitalize your body. ” says He Dan


Caoyan, 20-year-old girl who has two and a half years experience, always puts a smile on her face. She not only works hard, but also considers customers’ feeling. She always asks questions, communicates with customers. She is good at Acrylic tips, and French style. On her spear time, she always practices her skills, exchanges experiences with the other work mates. “Let beautiful and stylish nails show the pretty you!” says Xiang Xiang.


Our employees are professional with nails care and massage; they were trained professionally and properly.


Why Zig Zag (Zhe Ge Na Ge)?

Hutong is like zigzag, and it is also the way of getting to this shop.

Zigzag's Chinese name is zhe ge na ge, similar pronunciation of Zigzag, yet, zhe ge means this one, na ge means that one. Those are the two slang Chinese people use all the time, and they are the first, basic Chinese words for foreigners to learn and use when they come to China. When people are choosing the nail polish, they are like: this one or that one?

为什么叫 Zig Zag (这个那个)?