Q: Why would I choose Zig Zag?

Zig Zag massage and Nail situated in the tranquil and popular Wu Dao Ying Hutong. We keep the shop as the old Beijing theme, so that you can have a "siheyuan" experience yet you can find peace and quiet instead of being around the busy areas, or sitting at a fancy looking shop inside a building, in this case, you can relax more, and make yourself like home. Also, Zig Zag Massage and Nail uses O.P.I. products for the whole process of manicure and pedicure. By using O.P.I. product, we want to ensure you can walk out the door with beautiful nails yet without any health worries.
   这个那个按摩修甲店位于安静但是有名气的五道营胡同。我们的店保持了老北京的风味,是让您能够体验置身于清净而且漂亮的四合院的感觉,而且在避开繁忙的商城,或者在高楼里的店铺,你在我们这能更放松,更能找到家的感觉,。这个那个在按摩和修甲的全过程都采用著名的 O.P.I.产品。我们确保在你拥有美丽的同时没有任何健康问题上的忧虑。

Q: What makes Zig Zag standard manicure special and professional?

A: By experiencing Zig Zag’s manicure, you will find the process special and professional. We added and reordered the process to work with our O.P.I. product in order to offer our customers extra caring.
    在体验我们的修甲的时候,你会发现我们的程序是特别和专业的。结合我们的 O.P.I.产品的优点,我们增加并修改了传统的修甲步骤,而且我们给顾客提供了双重的照料。

1. Clean your hands – Swiss Blue Antibacterial Liquid hand soap
This is a very important process that so many people always ignore. Sanitize your hands with our O.P.I. Swiss Blue Antibacterial Liquid hand soap. O.P.I. hand wash product has got the best balance of PH. Therefore it won’t hurt your skin.
1. 清洗你的双手
这是一个很多人忽略但是非常重要的一个步骤。使用 O.P.I.低碱性的洗手液不但清洁你的双手,消毒你的双手,而且不会损伤你的皮肤。

2. Nail polish remove
Remove all traces of old enamel by moistening a cotton or gauze pad with the remover.
2. 洗去旧的甲油
使用化妆棉和 O.P.I.不含甲醛的洗甲水洗掉旧的甲油。

3. Shape design.
Use a file to remove length or to perfect the free edge by filing from the outside corner to the center of the nail plate. Then apply a prefect nail polish.
3. 设计指甲形状

4. Remove dead skin – O.P.I. Avoplex exfoliating cuticle treatment
O.P.I. offers a great product to help with removing dead skin without a painful experience. To avoid the long soaking and won’t end up causing skin to bleed when we begin trimming cuticles that form around the edges of the nail itself.
4. 去死皮

5. Nail Replenish – O.P.I. Avoplex Nail & Cuticle Replenishing Oil
The professional way to pamper nails and cuticles it also treats dry cuticles or rough heels and elbows.
5. 使用营养油

6. Hand Lotion – O.P.I. Avoplex moisture replenishing lotion
At this point, we apply with a gentle 'massaging' action to the client's hand and fingers.  Massage into the palm of the hand and the fingers, being expressly gentle with the back of the hand. 
6. 润手霜

7. PH coat + Nail polish - O.P.I. or Essie
This is the last second step of the manicure, putting
Opi Bond Aid Ph Balancing Agent on nails to make the nail polish stays on your nails longer, this is a very special process of our shop.

Nail polish on your nail by following procedures - Base Coat, Enamel color of choice, and Top Coat.

7. 甲油


8. Nail edges Replenish - O.P.I. Avoplex Nail & Cuticle Replenishing Oil
This is an extra treatment for your nails and skin.
8. 指甲周边的营养油

Q: What’s a quick drip?

A: Quick drip is another excellent product of O.P.I. It is for people who need to use their hands in a short while after manicure. After 10 minutes, you can use your hands to grab a pen, food, or any other light works (of course, if you touch hard stuff, you will rack your nails). Quick drip also gives you a safe guarantee. Other quick-dry nail polishes have got bad chemical stuff in it, which will damage your nails. That’s why your nails are yellow or your nails have got layers.
    快干液是 O.P.I.另一得意产品。这是为匆忙的客人所设计的产品。在滴了快干液10分钟以后你就可以拿笔,拿食物等等。当然你却不能碰硬的东西。快干液保证了你指甲的安全,因为它不含有任何的化学成分,不像市面上会损坏你指甲的快干甲油,因为用了这些含有不良化学成分的快干甲油,所有你的指甲会变黄或者分层。

Q: Why do we need a manicure or pedicure?

A: Many people think manicure is all about art on nails. People are not allowed to have nail polish on always think they don’t need a manicure, but that’s wrong. Our hands are used and showed everyday. When you shake hands with the others, when you hand over stuff to someone, your hands will be noticed. It is a presentation of human. Manicure gives you tidy, clean nails without any dead skin around them.
* Another important reason for Manicure or Pedicure is removing the dead skin. If you don't take care of the cuticle around your nails, it will grow thicker. People like to bite or rip their nails or cuticle, it will cause skin infection, catching virus, or Onychomycosis.


Q: How do I present my nails smartly?

A: Our professional staffs will give you a good piece of advice depends on your job, where you are going to go etc.

Office staffs – you should not be afraid of having a manicure, because you can choose French style (simple and elegant) or light transparent nail polish.

Party attendee – you can choose acrylic nails or acrylic tips.

办公室工作人员 - 你不必担心你不能修甲,因为你可以选择简单但高贵的法式或者选用带颜色的透明甲油。

参加派对 - 你可以选用我们的水晶甲或者贴甲片。

Q: Can I have manicure if I am a man?

A: Certainly! Men are like women, as what we answered about why we need a manicure; men do need to present their hands as well. After hard work, you need to be taken care of, get rid of all the dirt, paint etc. It is the time for you to treat your hands and enjoy.

Q: Is it important to choose the right nail polish remover?

A: Yes, it is as important as you choose nail polish. Using a bad quality nail polish remover, you will notice either your nails are white, or your skins hurt. Also it would take a long time to remove your nail polish if you chose the wrong and bad product. O.P.I. nail polish remover doesn’t have acetone; therefore, we can ensure your skin will not be damaged.
    选择得当的洗甲水和选择得当的甲油是一样重要的。如果用质量差的洗甲水你的指甲会发白而且你的皮肤会损伤。而且质量差的洗甲水不容易把甲油洗掉。因此我们选用 O.P.I.的洗甲水,其不含有丙酮,我们确保你的肌肤不会受到损伤。正如我们选用O.P.I.的甲油是因为它不含有甲醛。

Q: Why doesn’t Zig Zag suggest nail-waxing service?

A: Nail waxing is a process that makes your nails shinny. Because O.P.I product has got a smart and unique content, which makes your nails shinny. That’s why we don’t have to offer this service; you still can have shinny nails.
    指甲打蜡是为了让指甲光亮。但是因为 O.P.I.的产品有这么一种聪明而且独特的成分从而让你的指甲发亮,所有我们不用另外给你的指甲打蜡。

Q: How long can I keep my nail polish?

A: After a manicure, you usually keep your nail polish for 5-10 days.

Q: Can I have manicure often?

A: Yes, everyone can have manicure often, but after 1 or 2 months keep putting nail polish on your nails; it is time for your nails to breath. Take 1 or 2 weeks off is a smart decision.

Q: Is O.P.I. the only product of Zig Zag?

A: No. Zig Zag not only has O.P.I. product, but also has Essie Product. O.P.I. and Essie have got their different color selection, we always are happy to offer customers more options. Essie is also a famous brand in USA and Japan.
    不是的。这个那个不但有 O.P.I.产品,而且有Essie的产品。O.P.I. 和 Essie 有他们各自不同的颜色系列。我们要为客户提供更多的选择。Essie也是一个在法国和日本有知名度的品牌。

Consultants: Nancy, Ge Ge and He Dan
顾问:Nancy, 格格,何丹