Massage 按摩

Our treatments include traditional hand and foot
reflexology that uses the ancient practice of
massaging, squeezing, or pushing on parts that
encourages a beneficial effect on the body and
improve general health.


Nail Care 美甲

Our expert professional staff also offers the most stylish manicures, pedicures with the worldwide renowned OPI products.


Waxing 熱蜡脱毛

Intimate Film Rosin is desigened to adhere to the hair and not to the skin. allowing fot exceptional grip even on the shortest of hair. by removing the entire root. leaving a sliky smooth finish.this next generation of wax. with no strip required simply apply this like a strip wax and remove like a hot wax,thus allowing you tou use Intimate on all parts of the body.


Our Product

O.P.I Product

Why O.P.I.
In recent months, you have probably heard news stories questioning the safety of certain beauty products in terms of both consumer and salon use. Among the types of products discussed have been hair dye and shampoo, lipstick and mascara, antiperspirants and deodorants, perfume, and nail polish – major segments of the beauty industry.

We want to assure you that OPI is committed to the safety of our consumers and of Beauty Professionals, and emphasize that we have always taken the necessary steps to ensure that our OPI products exceed safety standards. As our OPI nail polishes don't contain formaldehyde.

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